At individual school level, there is a Local Governing Body (LGB) which has responsibility for matters affecting its own school. The LGB is smaller than the previous Governing Body, as some functions are now dealt with at MAT board level. Please see the individual school's websites for further information about the LGBs.

Above the LGB there is a board of Trustees (MAT board). These people, who may be drawn from existing Governors of schools with the addition of key people with relevant experience and skills, oversee the strategic development of the MAT and issues affecting all schools in the MAT. All the current Trustees come from the governing bodies of Haybridge High School and King Charles I School. There are no plans to change this. However, it is important to note that the board of Trustees are not representatives or delegates of individual schools – their function is to work at an overarching strategic level. 

The final accountability lies with the Members of the MAT. They are a small group of people with extensive experience, appropriate skills and commitment who have the power to appoint Trustees and amend the articles of association. The Members meet once a year during the autumn term.

None of the Governors, Trustees or Members are paid.


Members Trustees

Kate Brunt

Sue Fowler

Lucille Glencairn-Campbell

Andrew Hall

David Slater

Jacqui Smith

Sue Fowler (chair)

David McIntosh

Sue Muggeridge

Alan Neal (vice chair)

Neal Pearson



The Four Stones MAT - Governance Structure


All correspondance should be sent to Philip Engleheart (clerk) at the registered address below.