Health and Wellbeing

The health and welfare of our students is paramount to us. All schools in the Four Stones Multi Academy Trust believe that students should learn in a calm and purposeful environment, where behaviour is exemplary and routines are established.

Research shows that students thrive with structure. It is imperative that we ensure our students are accustomed to our routines giving them a sense of organisation and stability which, in turn, benefits their emotional and physical well-being. Quite simply, routine in school life aids mental health. Also, our bodies work better when our sleeping, eating and exercise routines are successfully maintained.

Our pastoral curriculum, supported and understood by every teacher, focuses upon establishing these positive routines and behaviours to support students as they transition throughout their time at school. We aim to utilise every opportunity to help students to become informed, tolerant, resilient, kind and confident ready to leave education and deal with whatever life throws at them.

We provide a comprehensive PSHE programme that runs alongside quality pastoral care and support. The aim of Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) is to support students to develop an understanding of key issues that will affect them throughout their life. The programme includes units on sex and relationships education, health education, drugs education, financial capability and work-related learning, which are all statutory requirements.  As the world changes around our young people, so does our PSHE programme to ensure that students have the knowledge and support they need to make informed decisions about their lives and about the world in which they live.

Our mobile phone policy reflects the feedback to our pastoral teams from students that social media is becoming harder and harder for them to manage. They are exposed to a barrage of messaging and notifications across a 24-hour period. We feel school should be a safe space for students where they can leave this relentless influx behind for a few hours and in doing so help them to concentrate on their learning, their physical activity and in-person conversations with one another.

At the Four Stones Multi Academy Trust, our aim is that every student is aware of and confident in approaching those who can provide support in school when it is needed. All schools have trained, skilled and dedicated pastoral staff who can help students with a multitude of issues. However, we do not work in isolation, rather we recognise that there is also a wealth of external support available to our students and families which we can facilitate.

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Should you wish to discuss this with us, please contact the relevant school by clicking here.

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